Data will be released publicly in near real time in 2023.

Beta-release datasets from prototype deployments in 2019-2022 will be released here as they are published.

WATERHYPERNET beta-release data from the RT1/Oostende deployment for the period 2019-12-11 to 2020-07-15 , selected to coincide with OLCI matchups and binned to OLCI bands and can be found in the Supplementary Data to [Vanhellemont and Ruddick, 2021].

WATERHYPERNET beta-release data from the Aqua Alta Oceanographic Tower and the RT1/Oostende deployments for the periods from 2019-09-26 and 2019-12-11 respectively until 2020-07-02, selected to coincide with Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 matchups and binned to the respective spectral bands bands can be downloaded here for Sentinel-2 and here for Landsat-8. Full details can be found in [Vanhellemont, 2020].

Station Identifier Country